DUI Conviction and Your Employment

What Happens with My Job if I am Convicted of a DUI?

A candidate completing a criminal background check form for employment. If you are concerned about a DUI and employment consequences, attorneyJames E. Novak in Phoenix, AZ, can provide expert representation to help reduce the charges against you and protect your rights and your career. A DUI conviction may have consequences in both your current employment and future opportunities. They can also impact higher education opportunities and your eligibility for membership with certain professional organizations. If you have been convicted of a DUI and would like more information on how this conviction can affect employment, contact The Law Office of James E. Novak today.

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The effects of a DUI conviction on current employment will depend on your position and if you have a signed contract or agreement with your employer.

How can a DUI Conviction Affect My Current Job?

The effects of a DUI conviction on your current employment will depend on your current position and if you have a signed contract or agreement with your employer.

  • Employees with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): If you are an employee with a CDL such as a truck driver or bus driver, you are typically required to report any violations to your employer within 30 days. A DUI conviction could result in suspension or termination.
  • Employees Whose Duties Include Driving: If your job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving (with a standard driver’s license), such as making deliveries, your employment could be affected.
  • Teachers and Coaches: Most employees in a teaching or coaching position are required to disclose any such violations. You may be penalized for this violation, but the penalties may be worse if you fail to disclose this information.

If your employment agreement or contract does not include a clause regarding such violations, you are under no obligation to disclose this information to your employer. It is important to read your employment contract thoroughly, so that you do not inadvertently withhold this information.

How can a DUI Affect Future Opportunities?

DUI convictions have far-reaching consequences and can affect opportunities in higher education and future employment.

  • Higher Education: Scholarships and financial aid programs may include clauses regarding misconduct and ineligibility if violations occur. Athletic organizations and other clubs may also render a student ineligible if convicted of a DUI. A conviction can affect your graduate education opportunities and could also exclude you from becoming a member of certain professional organizations.
  • Future Employment: Most applications for employment require you to disclose prior convictions. Some only require disclosure of felony convictions, while others require you to disclose any convictions you have had. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to discuss your prior convictions with your potential employer. A DUI conviction may disqualify you for certain positions, such as those that require a security clearance or involve driving.
Setting Aside Your Conviction

In Arizona, having your conviction “set aside” is similar to having it expunged from your record in other states. To be eligible to have your conviction set aside, you must complete your probation and any other court-imposed penalties. The nature of your charge will be considered when determining whether your conviction will be set aside.

Basic misdemeanor DUIs are more likely to be set aside than a felony aggravated DUI. If you are successful in having your conviction set aside, your DUI conviction will appear on background checks as a dismissed charge rather than a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

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It is important to work with a skilled DUI attorney if you have been convicted of a DUI. They can help to reduce your sentence or have your case dismissed so that your current and future employment opportunities are not affected. Contact The Law Office of James E. Novak today for an initial consultation.

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