Will a DUI Arrest Affect My Employment and Job Prospects?

Some people may think that drunk driving arrests are a hassle but don't have long-term effects on your life.

That's wrong.

A drunk driving arrest can affect your current and immediate future, placing restriction on employment and potentially making it more difficult for you going forward. Here at The Law Office of James Novak, we have helped numerous people throughout the Phoenix area with effective DUI defense and legal strategies, allowing them to beat charges, have penalties reduced, and plan for the future.

With that in mind, let's consider the various ways that a DUI/DWI conviction can impact your job and career prospects.

Potential Problems Getting to and from Your Current Job

Following an extreme DUI or aggravated DUI arrest, your vehicle will be impounded for 30 days. This can make your current commute more challenging, forcing you to rely on friends or family for rides, or to take mass transit.

If your license is suspended following a DUI arrest and you do not receive an exemption that allows you to drive to and from work, you'll be forced to rely on rides and/or public transportation as well.

(Also keep in mind that you may also have to miss work due to incarceration and court hearings.)

Potential Termination from Your Current Job

Some employers may fire employees for being arrested or charged with DUI. This is particularly true if your job duties involve driving a vehicle in any fashion.

In addition, there are many companies that take the reputation/conduct of employees seriously as it can impact the business' public profile. In such cases, your employer may terminate you for a action such as drunk driving.

Background Checks by Potential Future Employers

What's distressing to many people with a DUI arrest is applying for a new job. Most applications will inquire about any past arrests and convictions. It's important to be honest on job applications, as lying during this process is unhelpful. Potential employers will often do background checks, and a drunk driving conviction could mean they will pass on you to fill a job opening.

Issues with Future Education to Further Your Career

The same sorts of consequences might apply to some vocational/trade schools and colleges/universities. Sometimes a DUI arrest can affect your admission to a given institute of higher learning. In addition, a DUI arrest can affect your eligibility for financial aid.

Work with a Criminal Defense Attorney: Your Future May Depend on It

Given all of the above, it's important that you work with a skilled DUI defense attorney following a drunk driving arrest. We will work closely with you, addressing present concerns over the DUI charge as well as considering your future needs.

Speak with The Law Office of James Novak About Your DUI Charge

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