What You Should Know About Alcohol Treatment Classes After DUI

Drunk driving arrests can be very stressful, and we find that many times people who are convicted of drunk driving do not know what penalties they face or what their legal options are. DUI attorneys will provide you with crucial information following a drunk driving arrest, which will allow you to understand the nature of the penalties you face as well as the best legal options for your situation.

One of the things that a number of clients ask us about is the nature of alcohol treatment classes and drunk driving schools following a DUI arrest. Let's take a moment to consider these matters and what this all entails.

Penalties for Drunk Driving

Among the many penalties for drunk driving, those who are arrested will face mandatory incarceration, various fines and fees, driver's license suspension, and limited driving privileges. The duration of incarceration and the exact amount of the fees will vary depending on the nature of the arrest.

What is an alcohol education class?

Sometimes the judge in a drunk driving case will order that the person who is convicted of a DUI undergo an alcohol or substance abuse screening or perhaps even substance abuse treatment. In such cases, the person will have to pay for a special class that focuses on drunk driving and DUI matters. Taking such a class may also be recommended by your attorney. The school/class must be one approved by the court and certified by the state of Arizona.

Alcohol education classes go by many names, including DUI school, drunk driving education, and alcohol education programs (AEP).

What can I expect from these alcohol education classes?

Whether they are online or in person, these alcohol education programs will generally involve discussions/lectures on the dangers of drunk driving as well as counseling to deal with substance abuse issues. A certain amount of time must be spent with these classes in order to officially complete them.

Why These Classes Can Be Helpful for Clients

Sometimes these counseling sessions and classes can be taken in order to reduce legal penalties that a client faces from a DUI charge. Reductions in fines and restrictions on driving allow someone with a DUI conviction to return their life to normalcy much sooner. It's important to keep this option in mind as you make your legal decisions with regard to your drunk driving arrest.

Providing You With Useful Guidance and Advice

DUI defense lawyers are here to help you reduce penalties and fines, and they are also here to help you make the right choices given your circumstances. Our lawyers will recommend certain DUI classes and will even fight for reduced fines and penalties via these classes. Since alcohol and substance abuse counseling is a part of these DUI schools, this can actually help clients address pressing matters in the present (i.e., addiction) that will potentially allow for a better future in general.

Learn More About Drunk Driving Cases

If you or someone that you love has been arrested for drunk driving and you would like to learn more about your legal options, be sure to contact our DUI defense lawyers in Tempe, AZ today. The entire team at our firm will assist you in making smart decisions and will make sure that you are well informed about your legal options each step of the way.

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