What Happens When You Are Booked for a DUI?

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As we've mentioned before, by knowing the DUI case stages and the legal process, those accused of drunk driving can empower themselves and recognize when their legal rights and Constitutional protections may have been violated. We'd like to consider the booking phase of a DUI arrest and what that entails in the hopes that it helps you better understand your rights.

What Exactly Is Booking?

Booking occurs after an arrest. In essence, it's a way for law enforcement to collect information on the suspect, register the subject, and keeping this information in their records. This is sometimes known as processing as well.

The Steps of the Booking Process

During the booking process, the following typically occurs:

  • Recording Suspect's Information – The suspect's name, date of birth, and physical characteristics are recorded. The criminal charge is also recorded.

  • Searching Records for Suspect – Police search their previous records to see if there is an existing file on the suspect and if there are any outstanding warrants. This can also bring up previous arrests, such as other DUIs and moving violations.

  • Fingerprinting Suspect – Fingerprints are taken in order to identify the suspect and to aid in future investigations if needed. This is yet another means of identifying the suspect. The fingerprints are entered into a nationwide fingerprint database used by national and local police agencies, including the FBI.

  • Taking a Mug Shot – A mug shot is taken of the suspect for the file and the arrest. The mug shot helps differentiate between multiple people in a database with the same name who have been arrested.

  • Searching the Suspect – The subject is searched for any illegal belongings or anything on their person that may be of concern. This may include controlled substances, weapons, and so forth. Sometimes body searches may be conducted if the nature of the arrest warrants it.

  • Taking the Suspect's Personal Belongings – A suspect's personal belonging are taken from them during the booking process and put in police custody. This means items such as a purse, wallet, jewelry, accessories, and even certain articles of clothing.

  • Placement in a Holding Cell – Once the suspect has been processed, he or she is then put in jail or a holding cell.

In addition to the above, a blood, breath, or urine test may be administered to more scientifically determine BAC.

How Long Is the Booking Process?

The duration of booking/processing can vary based on a number of factors, including the number of standard booking procedures performed, the number of people being processed at the same time, the number of officers involved in the booking process, and so forth.

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