Teachers: How a DUI Charge Can Affect Your Career

Here at The Law Office of James Novak, we know that a DUI charge can have long-term effects on your life and your livelihood. That's why so many people throughout Phoenix count on us and our legal experience following a drunk driving charge.

In addition to offering strong DUI defense and legal representation, we are more than willing to help clients deal with the fallout of their drunk driving charge. This is especially important for teachers and educators, who may wind up facing serious career challenges and paying for their mistakes in countless ways.

Can I Be Fired for a DUI Arrest?

This will depend on the nature of your DUI arrest and the circumstances that surround it.

While you may not necessarily be fired following a DUI, the school principle or superintendent may have qualms about continued employment given that teachers are supposed to serve as role models for students, however. In such cases, you may be fired. Should that happen, however, you can have a hearing about your dismissal and can consult with an attorney.

Will I Lose My Teaching Credential Because of a DUI?

No, not necessarily.

The State Board of Education is in charge of regulating teaching credentials for K-12 teachers, and ultimately determines who gets certified and who can hold said credential. So long as your drunk driving incident did not involve serious injury or harm, it's unlikely that you will be unable to hold a teaching credential. Again, this must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind that if you are trying to become a teacher and have a DUI on your record, it may be difficult to receive a teaching credential from the State Board of Education depending on the nature of your case.

Do I have to Report My DUI to the State Board of Education?


When it comes to reporting a DUI or drunk driving incident, that usually takes place at a district level. The same holds true for any repercussions and disciplinary actions with regard to your teaching career. There is no need to report it to the State Board of Education.

How Do I Deal with Driving Restrictions Following a DUI?

Initially you will need to figure out other commuting arrangements given the initial license suspension following a DUI. You may eventually be able to apply for restricted driving privileges in order to get to and from work, though this, again, is considered on a case by case basis.

What Will a DUI Mean for My Future Job Prospects as a Teacher?

A DUI on your record can be a major issue for future job prospects in education. While the DUI will not impact your ability to apply for and receive a fingerprint clearance card, there may be issues at the district level trying to secure employment. Given all of the other qualified teachers to choose from, the DUI may make it an uphill battle to be recognized for your other achievements given the nature of this particular mistake.

A Drunk Driving Attorney Can Be a Major Help

Working with a drunk driving attorney can be extremely helpful to you. Not only will your attorney work out a strong defense strategy to address the drunk driving charge, you will also receive expert advice to put your life back in order moving forward.

We want to make sure you are given a fair shake from the law, the justice system, and your future employers, and we can offer smart counsel on how to ensure that this is possible.

Speak with a DUI Defense Attorney About Your Case

For more information about your legal options following a drunk driving charge, be sure to contact a skilled DUI defense attorney today. The team here at The Law Office of James Novak will help you make the best choices possible with regard to your case as well as to your career options.

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