Extreme DUI vs. Aggravated DUI: What Is the Difference?

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A number of clients have had questions about the differences between Extreme DUI charges and Aggravated DUI charges. We'd like to compare the two right now.

Different Drunk Driving Charges Based on Circumstances

Classifications such as Extreme DUI and Aggravated DUI are intended to denote the circumstances at the time of your arrest. While drunk driving is always taken seriously, sometimes certain situations involve even harsher penalties.

As you are about to read, Aggravated DUI is considered more serious than Extreme DUI, and the penalties reflect this.

About Extreme DUI

An Extreme DUI refers to cases in which a person's BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is 0.15 or higher. This means that the BAC is at least twice the legal limit. This level of intoxication leads to stiffer penalties, though Extreme DUI is still considered a misdemeanor charge.

Penalties for Extreme DUI

If you are convicted of an Extreme DUI, you will face at least 24 hours of jail time as well as a $900 fine plus an additional charge of $250 for a "DUI Assessment" and $1,250 for an "Extreme DUI Assessment." Your driver's license will be revoked for 1 year as well. An ignition interlock device will need to be installed in all of your vehicles, which will require you to blow into the device and demonstrate sobriety before the vehicle can start.

Additional Extreme DUI convictions after the first will carry harsher fines and penalties, so keep that in mind.

About Aggravated DUI

Unlike Extreme DUI, an Aggravated DUI is considered a felony. Aggravated DUI applies in the following circumstances:

  • A child younger than 15 years old is in the car while you are driving drunk

  • Your driver's license is restricted, revoked, or suspended at the time of a DUI

  • You have two prior DUI convictions within last 7 years (84 months)

Penalties for Aggravated DUI

Since Aggravated DUI is a felony, you will face at least 4 months in prison and up to 3.75 years. Fines for an Aggravated DUI conviction can total around $4,700. Those convicted will have their driver's license revoked and have an ignition interlock device placed in their vehicle for 2 years. Probation, community service, and alcohol counseling are also common for Aggravated DUI convictions.

How a Drunk Driving Attorney Can Help You

Whether you face an Extreme DUI or an Aggravated DUI, you need to take these charges seriously. Working with a skilled drunk driving defense attorney will allow you to receive expert legal advice. We will help reduce penalties when possible, and help you through the complexities of Arizona's drunk driving laws. We are here for you to ensure you receive a fair hearing and that your Constitutional protections are respected.

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