Enhanced Arizona DUI Patrols Over the Holidays

Arizona ride-sharing and cab services are a popular way for residents to enjoy holiday festivities without the risk of impaired driving. However, as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the state, people are understandably concerned about the various health and safety issues associated with ride-sharing services. In turn, individuals may be more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, especially around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. As a result, Arizona law enforcement increases their DUI patrols during the holiday season.

Driving under the influence can have a serious impact on a motorist and anyone in their path. In addition to causing severe bodily injury and death, driving under the influence (DUI) in Arizona can result in hefty penalties, criminal charges, and incarceration. In addition to alcohol, driving under the influence includes any substance that may impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely, such as both illegal and prescription medication. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there are nearly 5,000 alcohol-related collisions, resulting in over 250 deaths every year.

Prevention is the most important step that an Arizona motorist can take to avoid causing serious injuries or death to themselves and another. However, the inherent nature of alcohol consumption is that it impairs a person to make wise judgments. Individuals attending holiday events should plan ahead to make sure that they have safe transportation. Further, Arizonians should avoid drinking while driving, which may be an issue during this time of “drive-by” celebrations and holiday gatherings.

In Arizona, individuals operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 may face a DUI charge. In addition, under Arizona Revised Statute 28-1381, a person may face DUI charges if they exhibit an impairment to the “slightest degree.” The statute allows law enforcement to pull a motorist over if they exhibit any sign of impairment. This means that a driver who only had one drink or is experiencing fatigue may still face DUI charges.

It is important that motorists know their rights if they get pulled over by an officer or approach a mandatory DUI checkpoint. Arizona drivers have the right to decline field sobriety tests, such as walk-and-turn tests, balance checks, and gaze checks. Further, although drivers must provide law enforcement with their license, registration, and insurance, they may politely decline to answer incriminating questions. Motorists also maintain the right to a lawyer if they are arrested. Finally, arresting officers must give anyone arrested their Miranda Rights before asking them to make any statements.

Have You Been Arrested for a DUI in Arizona?

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