DUI Guide: What You Should Do Following a DUI Arrest

Many people mistakenly believe that getting arrested for a DUI in Arizona will automatically result in their being convicted of an offense and losing their license. What they unfortunately do not realize is that the actions they take in the immediate aftermath of their arrests can dramatically influence their outcomes. Acclaimed DUI defense attorney James Novak has successfully represented many people accused of driving under the influence, enabling them to have their charges reduced or dismissed altogether. In many of these cases, his clients helped their own cases through their prudent actions after their arrests.

If you are ever arrested for a DUI, we urge you to consult the following DUI guide, presenting tips as to what you should do following a DUI arrest, assembled by Phoenix AZ DUI defense attorney James Novak. Remember that your freedom could depend on how you conduct yourself after a DUI arrest.

Five Things You Should Do after Being Arrested for a DUI in Arizona

Following these five tips could represent the difference between a DUI conviction and having your DUI charges reduced or even dismissed altogether:

1.    Document your version of events: While your memory is still fresh, write down or type as comprehensive a document as possible of the events of your DUI arrest. Don’t skimp on the details. Make sure to include everything that you and the arresting officer said and did, the time and date that the arrest took place, the events that led up to your being stopped, the weather conditions at the time you were stopped, precisely where you were stopped – no detail is too small or trivial.

2.    Take photographs of the vehicle in which you were stopped and the location where you were stopped: These photographs will be important in conjunction with your record of events. Make sure to take photographs of the entire area where you were stopped, including any trees, signs, and other landmarks.

3.    Consult a qualified attorney: Whether you consult with James Novak or a qualified lawyer nearer to wherever you live, make sure that you consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney with a history of success in handling cases similar to yours. Without a good DUI defense attorney on your side, the chances of your charges being dismissed are significantly slimmer.

4.    Work with your attorney to challenge your license suspension and get your vehicle back: Now that you have hired an attorney, he can help you request an administrative hearing, which is necessary to challenging the suspension of your license that will otherwise take place automatically 15 days after your DUI arrest. He can also help you get your vehicle back if it has been impounded by the police.

5.    Clear up any past problems associated with your driver’s license: If you do not currently have insurance or registration, or if you have unpaid traffic fines or tickets, now is the time to take care of these matters. If your DUI charge is reduced rather than dismissed altogether, for example, the reduced charge on top of other outstanding points on your driving record could cause you to lose your license anyway. Don’t let that happen.

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