Does a DUI Charge Affect Domestic or International Travel?

Here at The Law Office of James Novak, we help people throughout Phoenix who have been charged with drunk driving. We believe that everyone deserves a fair hearing as well as experienced DUI defense attorneys who offer sound legal advice. This ensure that our system works fairly, and that people are aware of some of the unexpected long-term repercussions they will face after a drunk driving charge.

The Long-Term Consequences of of DUI Charges

If you are arrested and charged with a DUI, that drunk driving arrest will remain on your criminal record, though it can be potentially removed after a number of years have passed.

This can have a number of unexpected consequences for you in the long run. For instance, it could make it harder to get hired by certain companies, and the same is true for qualifications regarding scholarships and other types of funds for your advanced education.

In fact, certain kinds of travel are potentially affected by a DUI charge on your criminal record.

Domestic Travel After DUI

As far as domestic travel for vacations, there are generally no restrictions on travel from state to state. The main issue to consider is if you have an unresolved DUI charge/penalties in another state and then attempt to relocate to a different state. Additional fines may be levied against you for this action.

Keep in mind, however, that you may face difficulties when renting a vehicle in another state as you travel domestically. Contracts at rental car companies vary on this matter, but some major car rental agencies may refuse renting to you if you have a relatively recent DUI conviction or multiple convictions on your record.

International Travel After DUI

There could be some restrictions on international travel following a DUI arrest. This varies from country to country, and also varies depending on the nature of your arrest, if there are multiple drunk driving charges, and if any additional charges were filed along with drunk driving. It's important that those with a DUI on their criminal record check with the individual travel policies of any international countries they intend to visit.

Surprisingly, those with a DUI on their record may face some difficult when it comes to traveling to Canada. A fine may have to be paid in order to visit Canada depending on the nature of your case.

How a Drunk Driving Lawyer Can Help You

If you are planning to travel domestically or abroad and have a drunk driving arrest on your record, it is helpful to consult with a lawyer about any paperwork, potential restrictions, and other challenges that you may face. This can be especially crucial for international trips. If you plan this out well ahead of time, your attorney can assist with the travel visa process so that it is as pain-free and problem-free as possible. Additional matters can be discussed based on the overall nature of your charge(s).

Learn More About the Consequences of DUI Charges

For more information about your legal rights and options following a drunk driving arrest, it's important that you contact our drunk driving defense law firm today. The entire team at The Law Office of James Novak will work closely with you to craft a strong legal defense strategy and to offer guidance in the years ahead as well.

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