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Most drivers are aware that the blood-alcohol limit in Arizona is .08 for adults. Indeed, the .08 limit has been the federal standard for intoxication since 1996, when Congress mandated all states decrease their limits to .08 or risk a loss of federal highway funding. Since then, states have maintained the .08 limit. However, just last month neighboring Utah was the first state to implement a lower limit of just .05. It remains to be seen if other states will follow suit or if Utah will remain an anomaly.

When it comes to underage motorists, many states, including Arizona, have implemented zero-tolerance or not-a-drop laws. Under Arizona DUI law, anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle when there is “any spirituous liquor in the person’s body.” Thus, unlike an adult, a minor can be arrested and charged with an Arizona DUI if there is any amount of alcohol in their system, even if the minor is not intoxicated or under the influence of the substance. Of course, because no motorist is permitted to drive under the influence of illegal drugs, minors and adults alike can be found guilty of DUI if they have illegal drugs in their system.

19-Year-Old Arrested and Charged with DUI Offenses after Fatal Accident

Last week, a 19-year-old driver and his three passengers were involved in a serious accident with a semi-truck in Avondale. According to a local news report, the collision occurred when the minor allegedly rear-ended the semi-truck that was in the process of making a left turn. The minor’s car became wedged underneath the truck.

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The team here at the Law Office of James Novak has spent a good amount of time on this blog looking at DUI defense strategies and other matters related to drunk driving law. By discussing these matters in some detail, we feel that we are doing a service to current and potential clients based in the greater Phoenix and Tempe area.

Of course, motorists are not the only people who may be charged for alcohol-related crimes. Sometimes store owners and bartenders may be charged with providing minors with alcohol. Let's consider these kinds of cases right now.

Providing Alcohol to a Minor Is a Serious Crime

The Law Office of James Novak is here for clients throughout the greater Tempe area who have been charged with drunk driving or drunk driving-related offenses. While the decision to drive under the influence is a serious offense, you are entitled to have a skilled DUI defense attorney on your side to provide legal counsel.

We notice that many people who are not of legal age to drink often make poor decisions and attempt to purchase alcohol or gain access to bars. Many times this is done with the use of a fake ID. These kinds of choices shouldn't be taken lightly since it's a serious crime.

Using Fake Identification is Illegal

When motorists are caught driving under the influence, it's important that they have skilled attorneys on their side, ones who will respect their legal rights and assist them with their case. That's precisely what we offer at The Law Office of James Novak. We have been helping people throughout the greater Tempe area with effective DUI defense legal counsel that reduces penalties when possible. Ultimately, what we offer is peace of mind.

One issue that comes up a lot is the legal penalties for people under the age of 21 who are caught driving drunk. Let's look at these matters right now.

Drunk Driving at Any Age Is No Laughing Matter

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