Why it is a Mistake to Defend Yourself Following DUI

Why You Should Think Twice about Defending Yourself in Court after a DUI

Judge striking the bench with a gavel. Defending yourself after a DUI in Phoenix, AZ, is a huge undertaking that could cost you your case and thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. Attorney James E. Novak is an expert in DUI law, and can properly defend you against the charges that could drastically complicate your life and employment. Defending yourself in a DUI case is likely to result in jail time and steep fines. With an experienced DUI attorney, they can work to have your case dismissed or your charges reduced so that you serve the minimum sentence. If you have been accused of a DUI, contact The Law Office of James Novak today to discuss your case in detail.

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Why Shouldn’t I Defend Myself in a DUI Case?

Many people believe they can adequately defend themselves in a court of law. We strongly advise our clients against doing this. Most people do not have an adequate understanding of Arizona laws or the United States Constitution to properly defend themselves.

If you defend yourself, there is no one else in the courtroom looking out for your best interests but you.

Additionally, many people feel that their outgoing or confident personalities will help them in the courtroom, but in reality, many people find it difficult to exert their confidence in front of a judge and jury. There are many areas surrounding a DUI case that need special attention by an experienced DUI lawyer, including:

  • Arizona’s laws and the United States Constitution: A skilled attorney with experience in Arizona DUI law and a thorough understanding of the Constitution can investigate whether any of your rights were violated during or after your arrest. An experienced attorney can also work to have your charges reduced or dismissed, especially if this is your first offense.
  • New laws and rulings affecting DUIs in Arizona: Laws surrounding DUIs can change and recent cases have resulted in significant changes in how defense attorneys can proceed with their clients’ cases. If you are not aware of these changes and rulings by the Arizona Supreme Court, you are significantly hindering your chances of winning your case.
  • Properly addressing the court: Ideas must be presented a certain way in court proceedings, and the knowledge you have from books, television shows, and movies will not be sufficient when you defend your own case. A professional attorney is well-versed in the proper language to address the court.
  • Understanding penalties and sentencing: If you defend yourself, there is no one else in the courtroom looking out for your best interests but you. If you are offered a deal by the prosecution, you may take it, not realizing you could have received better. A skilled attorney, however, will work hard to get you best possible outcome.
What are the Consequences of Defending Myself?

The potential consequences of defending yourself can be costly. You are likely to incur far more fines and fees by defending yourself. Additionally, you may serve jail time, whereas if you work with an experienced attorney, there is the potential of serving no jail time. There is a chance that your driver's license could be suspended for a longer period of time than necessary. All of these consequences can be avoided by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer.

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I was facing criminal charges with three priors in my history. Mr Novak was very helpful and got me a lighter sentence than I probably deserved. He is a great attorney and I would highly recommend him. A. T.
James worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the prosecution, to decrease my son’s charges to a more reasonable penalty. I could not have asked for a better, more professional attorney. He treated my son with the utmost respect and walked him through every step of a very difficult situation. S. G.
Attorney Novak did an outstanding job defending my son. Due to his extensive professional background within the court system, he was successfully able to defend my son during a very difficult time for my family. I highly recommend Attorney James Novak for your legal needs. T. G.