James Novak Provides Proven DUI Defense  

What Constitutes DUI?

DUI stands for “driving under the influence,” and it can refer to drunk driving, or driving under the influence of drugs. If you have questions about the specifics of your charge, attorney James Novak can explain your case and provide apt representation to help you avoid penalties.

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Do I Have a Case?

If you require a DUI defense in the greater Phoenix area, the chances are good that you have a viable case. James Novak has successfully defended clients facing even the most serious charges, and there are a number of arguments that he may employ to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

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DUI Stop, Investigation and Testing

When you're pulled over on suspicion of DUI, the officer is in search of "probable cause" to take you into custody for testing. Understanding implied consent, your rights and DUI stop protocol can help you avoid mistakes and potential arrest.

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Field Sobriety Tests

These tests are a series of exercises designed to evaluate your sobriety by testing your reflexes, eye movement, balance, and ability to follow instruction. Unfortunately, they are notoriously inaccurate, and James Novak will work to disprove their dubious results.

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Ignition Interlock Device

These devices measure BAC levels before you are allowed to drive. If you are intoxicated, the device will prevent the car from starting. Anyone convicted of a DUI in Arizona must use an ignition interlock device for a period of time.

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DUI Blood Test

Most people assume that a DUI blood test cannot be challenged. However, there are several reasons a blood test can produce a false positive. James E. Novak can determine potential DUI blood test errors that can lead to charges being reduced or dismissed.

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DUI Breath Test

Unfortunately, every DUI breath test is subject to influences that can result in a false reading. Experienced DUI attorney James E. Novak is able to challenge breath tests by identifying these factors, and he may be able to have the results omitted. 

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DUI Urine Test

A DUI urine test is considered the least accurate way to measure impairment. Expert attorney James E. Novak has extensive experience with DUI urine testing and can contest your test’s validity to have charges reduced or dismissed.

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Actual Physical Control

Actual physical control (APC) is most often invoked in cases when a driver is contacted by police while they are resting or sleeping inside a car that is stationary. APC allows the intent of the driver to factor in to DUI charges by finding that the individual posed a threat to the public through “present or imminent control” over their vehicle while impaired.

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