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In Arizona, DUI law can be quite complicated. One reason for this is that there are several different Arizona DUI laws on the books, and the differences between each of the offenses is not necessarily apparent. Starting with the least serious, the most common drunk driving crimes in Arizona are as follows:

Misdemeanor DUI: Most first and second DUI offenses are considered misdemeanors under Arizona law. Typically, a misdemeanor DUI requires the prosecution to prove that a motorist’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) was at least 0.08%, or that they had a controlled substance in their system. However, DUI convictions can be sustained on evidence that a driver was “impaired to the slightest degree,” even without a blood or breath test. Even for a first-time DUI arrest, the consequences of a conviction can be severe, and typically include:

  • At least one day in jail;

The 4th of July is a great time for merriment and celebration, but sometimes people take it too far. Time and time again, people often drink to excess for the 4th of July. When they do, they may act irresponsibly, getting behind the wheel even if their BAC is beyond the legal limit.

At The Law Office of James Novak, we take DUI defense strategies and cases very seriously, and we meet with numerous people throughout the Phoenix area who have been arrested during this particular holiday weekend. Let's consider the 4th of July and DUI arrests right now.

Arrest Numbers Down for the Fourth of July This Year

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