Arizona Defendant Caught in Drug Exchange, Leading to Guilty Conviction

In a recent case before an Arizona Court of Appeals, the defendant asked for a reconsideration of his convictions and sentences for two counts of sale of dangerous drugs. Originally, the State charged the defendant when it used an informant to catch him in the act of selling methamphetamine. The defendant pled not guilty, his case went to trial, and he received a guilty verdict. Reviewing the case on appeal, the higher court examined the lower court’s record and ended up affirming the original verdict.

Facts of the Case

According to the opinion, investigators worked with an informant to catch the defendant selling methamphetamine. The informant contacted the defendant two separate times to buy the substance, and both times, the informant returned from the sale with a white crystal substance. After both of the purchases, detectives analyzed the material, which tested positive for methamphetamine.

The State charged the defendant with two counts of sale of dangerous drugs. His case went to trial, and during trial, the State introduced video recordings of the transactions as well as the bags with the substance inside.

The jury, finding enough evidence to support the defendant’s charges, found the defendant guilty. The defendant promptly appealed.

The Decision

On appeal, the defendant asked the higher court to complete a thorough review of the lower court’s record. The higher court, performing its due diligence, reviewed the trial record to make sure there was no error that deprived the defendant of his rights under the law.

According to the court of appeals, the defendant’s proceedings were conducted in alignment with Arizona rules of criminal procedure. He had representation at every critical stage of the case, and the State introduced enough evidence at trial to sufficiently support the guilty conviction. There was no reason, said the higher court, to believe that the defendant was deprived of his opportunity for a fair trial.

The court therefore affirmed the lower court’s ruling, meaning the defendant’s convictions and sentences would stay in place.

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