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Being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful experience most people don’t ever expect to face. However, tens of thousands of people are arrested and charged with a crime in Phoenix alone. Not only does being criminally charged cause an immediate disruption in your life, but it also puts your freedom and your future in jeopardy.

At the Law Office of James E. Novak, our dedicated Phoenix criminal defense lawyer has been proudly defending the rights of good people charged with serious crimes for more than two decades. He understands what’s at stake in a criminal prosecution and is prepared to do everything possible to ensure your recent arrest has as little impact on your future as possible.

Common Crimes in Phoenix

Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, and with a population of over 1.6 million, it’s also the fifth largest city in the United States. Although Phoenix doesn’t have the population density of other large metropolitan areas, it still sees its fair share of crime. Below are the most common felony crimes in Phoenix, based on the Phoenix Police Department 2022 data:

Aggravated Assault – Prosecutors bring assault charges when they believe someone caused physical injury to another, or attempted to do so. Prosecutors may allege that the presence of an “aggravating factor” escalated a simple assault (misdemeanor) to an aggravated assault (felony). In 2022, there were nearly 9,000 arrests for aggravated assault in Phoenix.

Burglary – Burglary is a crime that rests at the intersection of trespassing and theft. Traditionally, a burglary involves entering another’s property with the intent to commit a theft while inside. However, more recently, states, including Arizona, have expanded the definition to apply in situations where someone enters another’s property with the intent to commit any felony. There were over 6,200 burglary arrests in Phoenix in 2022.

Larceny (Theft) – Larceny is the legal name for theft, which is loosely defined as taking another’s property with the intent to permanently deprive them of the property. Theft charges include shoplifting, identity theft, car theft, theft of services, and credit card fraud. There were more than 33,000 Phoenix theft arrests in 2022.

The Phoenix Police Department does not keep track of how many misdemeanor arrests were made. However, based on anecdotal data, the most common misdemeanor crimes in Phoenix include:

Obtaining a Copy of a Phoenix Police Report

If you were recently arrested, chances are you have questions about the charges against you. For example, what evidence did the police rely on, what specific crimes have you been charged with, and when is your next court date. Most of these questions can be answered by obtaining a copy of the police report.

Requests for a Phoenix police report can be made through several methods: in person, through the mail, or electronically. If you prefer to make the request in person or by mail, you can fill out the Police Public Records Request form and send it to the Public Records Unit of the Phoenix Police Department at 1717 E. Grant St., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85034. For those opting for the online route, the request can be submitted through the Public Records Portal on the Phoenix Police Department’s website.

Please note, however, that a police report is not the same thing as “discovery,” which refers to the evidence in the prosecution’s file. Your Phoenix criminal defense attorney will receive a copy of the discovery in your case from the prosecution. Once your lawyer has your discovery, they can review it with you and you and your lawyer will work together to develop a compelling defense.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges in Phoenix?

If you were recently arrested for a crime in Phoenix, the Law Office of James E. Novak is here to help. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorney handles only criminal matters, giving him unrivaled experience and knowledge that he uses to develop customized defenses designed to reduce your charges as early as possible. In the event that a case ends up going to trial, his decades of litigation experience will provide you the comfort of knowing that you are in good hands. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation with Attorney James Novak, give us a call at 480-413-1499 or fill out our secure online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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James worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the prosecution, to decrease my son’s charges to a more reasonable penalty. I could not have asked for a better, more professional attorney. He treated my son with the utmost respect and walked him through every step of a very difficult situation. S. G.
Attorney Novak did an outstanding job defending my son. Due to his extensive professional background within the court system, he was successfully able to defend my son during a very difficult time for my family. I highly recommend Attorney James Novak for your legal needs. T. G.