Startling Arizona DUI Statistics

As one of the most skilled and knowledgeable DUI attorneys in the nation, James E. Novak is intimately aware of Arizona DUI statistics and laws, and knows how to use his knowledge to the benefit of his clients. If you have been charged with DUI, you probably already know that our state’s penalties are among the toughest in the country. Don’t be just another statistic. With James E. Novak in your corner, you help to ensure that you will achieve the best possible result in your circumstances.

Some Sobering DUI Statistics

Considering the state’s tough stance against driving under the influence of alcohol, it should come as no surprise that Arizona ranked among the top ten states in terms of DUI arrests in 2013. The full top-ten list includes:

  1. California (214,828 arrests)
  2. Texas (90,066)
  3. Florida (61,852)
  4. Pennsylvania (53,319)
  5. North Carolina (49,599)
  6. Wisconsin (40,549)
  7. Arizona (39,746)
  8. Michigan (35,534)
  9. Washington (34,952)
  10. Missouri (34,004)

Of these states, only Wisconsin and Missouri have fewer residents than Arizona. By contrast, New York had only 25,169 DUI arrests in 2013, despite being the third-most populous state in the nation (behind California and Texas).

According to the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the number of DUI arrests made in the state in 2013 represented the first decline in the past decade.  In general, traffic offenses are down, due in part to the harsh penalties imposed by the state government on violators.

Also on the decline are alcohol-related auto accident fatalities in the state. This number reached a peak in 1982, when 582 people were killed in such accidents, comprising 51 percent of all auto accident deaths. Since 2006, when 502 people were killed in alcohol-related auto accidents, the number has fallen substantially, to a low of 231 in 2010, or only 25 percent of all auto accident deaths.

While it is always a good thing to see declines in DUI statistics in Arizona, James E. Novak reminds drivers that they have civil liberties that cannot be abused in the name of enforcing the law. This is why he provides those faced with DUI charges exceptional DUI defense strategies, helping to ensure that their rights are upheld and that the best can be made of decidedly bad situations.

National DUI Statistics

Overall, the national DUI statistics are as startling as the Arizona’s statistics (courtesy of MADD):

  • On average, there are 300,000 instances of drinking and driving in the United States each day.
  • Between 50 and 75 percent of drivers convicted of DUI continue to drive using a suspended license.
  • 10,322 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes in 2012.
  • Approximately one-third of drivers charged with DUI offenses have previously faced such charges.
  • Instances of drunk driving have been sliced in half since 1980.

In general, things are trending in the right direction when it comes to drinking and driving.

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