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If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Chandler, Arizona, you need an experienced advocate at your side to ensure your case ends in the best result possible. Regardless of whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges, a conviction can have long-lasting and life-altering effects on your future. At the Law Office of James E. Novak, our Chandler criminal defense attorney has decades of experience defending the rights of good people charged with serious crimes in Chandler. We know what it takes to prove you with the defense you need to beat your case and move on with your life.

What Are the Most Common Arrests in Chandler, AZ?

With a population of approximately 285,000, Chandler is a large city that is a stone’s throw to the southeast of Phoenix. Below is a summary of the most recent arrest data in Chandler from 2022, based on reports from the Chandler Police Department.

  • Theft – 4,116 arrests
  • Burglary – 471 arrests
  • Motor Vehicle Theft – 435 arrests
  • Aggravated Assault – 331 arrests
  • Rape – 89 arrests
  • Robbery - 72 arrests

While drug crimes are calculated slightly differently, there are approximately 1,000 drug arrests in Chandler each year, based on Chandler Police Department data.

How Can You Get a Police Report in Chandler?

After a police officer makes an arrest, they will generate a police report. The police report explains why the officer made the arrest, cites some basic evidence they relied upon, and lists the specific law that the person was alleged to have violated. Thus, while this information is limited, it can be helpful it can be helpful, especially in the early stages of your case.

To obtain a copy of a Chandler police report, you can contact the Chandler Police Department online, through the mail or in person. You’ll need to complete the “Request for Police Report” form, available on the Chandler Police Department’s website or at the Main Station, which is located at 250 E. Chicago St. The cost of a police report is $5 for the first 35 pages and $0.15 per page for all pages after the 35th page.

Common Defenses to Criminal Charges in Chandler, Arizona

Common defenses to criminal charges often revolve around negating elements that the prosecution must prove for a conviction: the act (actus reus) and the intent (mens rea). A fundamental defense is the claim of innocence, where the defendant asserts they did not commit the act in question. This is often accomplished either by claiming the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient or through an alibi defense. An alibi is a specific type of innocence defense, where the defendant proves they were elsewhere when the crime occurred.

Affirmative defenses are also a common way to defend against criminal charges, especially in assault cases. For example, Self-defense is an affirmative defense that is asserted when the defendant admits to the act but claims it was justified to protect oneself or others from harm.

Mistake of fact is another defense, common in theft cases, where a defendant may have misunderstood a situation leading to unintended illegal action. For example, if you inadvertently took another’s property thinking that it was your own, a mistake of fact defense could result in an acquittal to theft charges.

Lastly, constitutional violations, like illegal searches or seizures or violations of the right to counsel, can lead to the suppression of evidence or even dismissal of charges.

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If you face felony or misdemeanor charges in Chandler, securing experienced counsel is critical to protecting your rights throughout the process. At the Law Office of James E. Novak, our dedicated Chandler criminal defense attorney is uniquely dedicated to each of the clients we serve. We conduct thorough investigations to uncover all favorable evidence before crafting a compelling defense intended to minimize the impact of your recent arrest on the rest of your life. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation with Attorney James Novak, give us a call at 480-413-1499 or fill out our secure online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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